Unable to trigger the process from ochestrator

Hi team,

@Palaniyappan please help me

Need your urgent help… I am executing the process from Orchestrator, While executing i am getting an error note of Database package. error note has been mentioned below… please me with this as i am stuck with the business requirement… Our Studio, Orchestrator and BOT are on Different machines.


Login to Robot machine and navigate to .nugget package folder and place UiPath.Database.Activities package there. And then execute the BOT.

Hi @Rahul_Jawahirani,

This issue is happening as bot is unable to install the package required for execution.

So in this case, recommended approach would be to go to that machine and manually paste the Database activities package there under below folder:

If this error comes for any other package too, then copy all packages from your machine(same folder as mentioned above) to user’s machine.