Unable to test connection in SharepointApplicationScope within UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities Package


Thank you for getting back to me regarding the following Activity within the UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities Package: SharepointApplicationScope.

I wanted to provide some more context for you. I am using v1.5.2 of the package.

I am receiving the following error when trying to test connection:
“Exception encountered when trying to login to the SharePoint instance: Root element is missing.”

My colleagues (@mark.bullard) who work in the same department as me are able to run this successfully. We all have admin rights within SharePoint.

Let me know if you need any more info. Thank you again!

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Hi @radu_bucur. Confirming that Jasmine is the only person in our department unable to use the SharePoint Application Scope activity in the 1.5.2 package, specifically Test Connection from within Studio 2020.10.4. I am guessing that something may be missing (library, reference, other) from her PC for the following reasons:

  • We all are using the same URL to connect to a SharePoint Online site
  • We have the same rights in the SharePoint site
  • Jasmine is able to successfully connect when testing the SharePoint Application Scope activity using her credentials on my PC (during a Teams screen share)

We’re hoping that based upon these facts and the error message described, you may be able to tell Jasmine what’s missing to connect via the SharePoint Application Scope. We’re happy to provide any additional guidance where requested. Thanks Radu!

Hey guys, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the late response.

Could you please let me know:

  • does this happen only when using Test Connection or also when running the Scope activity
  • the login mode used
  • how does the url looks like
    A print screen of the test connection window or a workflow sample would also be great (without the credentials, of course).
    If you provide these, we’ll do some tests and try to fix any issues found before the next version is released

Hi Radu,

Your question about the login mode used prompted us to update this from Online to WebLogin, which fixed the issue for me. Thank you for your help!

My studio version is 2020.4.3 and using
UiPathTeam.SharePoint.Activities 1.7.0 package.
Test connection button itself not available for me. refer below screenshot

Hi radu_bucur,

Hope you are doing good!

I am getting the “The sign-in name or password does not match with one in the microsoft account system” while testing the sharepoint connection in scope. Below are the few details, could help you to analyse the issue. Please check and help me with some possible root cause and resolution if any.

  1. UipathTeam.Sharepoint.actvities v1.7.0 used.
  2. Method : Online(above error) and Web based(recursive login page)
  3. We have tried to open the same URL in the web browser and able to access it with same username and password, getting the error while using through Uipath Activity.

Hi @simhadri.manikumar1 . This could be because of multiple causes. Perhaps your sharepoint has a custom Identity Provider which isn’t compatible with the package or it could be that the credentials are either not correct (wrong URL/ credentials).

Could you please check the information about Login Options in our documentation and see if any of the options there seem suitable to your circumstances?

hi @simhadri.manikumar1
if you are a member of SP site, perhaps you can give it a try changing Login mode to “WebLogin” and remove Username/Password.

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I would like to check, how it is authenticating?
and also in documentation it is saying it is recomended for Attended mode only

" The WebLogin Authentication Mode (found under the SharePoint Instance Type property) which can potentially authenticate the robot even if the SharePoint instance is using 3rd party identity providers or if only multi factor authentication is possible. This happens by prompting the user to insert their credentials the first time the workflow is executed, afterwards which the robot stays authenticated. Given that this mode requires human input, it is recommended that this authentication mode is used only for attended automation "

Hi Vigneshnkv ,

even I’m facing the same issue . were you able to resolve it ?

I did not find any solution for this test connection issue. Instead of test connection I directly tested in debug mode.

However, now my studio has been updated to 2021.4.4 version and test connection seems working fine. Give a try on updating studio.