Unable to take out_Upload value in comments section on Update Work items

I am trying to update comments section on Update work items window.
I am passing out_UpLoadID(getText of Conference ID). But it was showing Null.
Please find the attached screenshots

Get%20out_UpLoadID%20string Passing%20out_UpLoadID Unable%20to%20take%20out_UpLoadID

Kindly validate once whether the GET TEXT is taking the value
for that place a WRITELINE activity next to this GET TEXT activity and mention the input as out_UploadID.ToString
–and if that shows value then we need to look on SUBSTRING method
like this
out_UploadID = out_UploadID.ToString.Substring(out_UploadID.IndexOf(“Report Was Uploaded - Confirmation id is”).Length,out_UploadID.ToString.Length-(“Report Was Uploaded - Confirmation id is”).Length)
–validate this also with a writeline whether it is giving the exact value
–next if that doesnt work we need to check whether it is passed with proper arguments.i.e., we need to use in_comment variable while using TYPE INTO ACTIVITY
and enable simulate type property in the property panel

Cheers @sunilraju

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awesome, you were almost done
kindly check whether the correct arguments is passed to the workflow or not
Cheers @sunilraju

i am passing but in it showing null value in comment section. same variable i am passing in “UpdateWorkItemsWorkflow” import arguments.
see the attached screen shot

hmmm…are we using this argument in_comment inside TYPE INTO activity
Cheers @sunilraju


fine use a WRITE LINE activity before this TYPE INTO activity and lets check with the same input whether it is showing any value in the output panel or not for this argument

Cheers @sunilraju

getting empty result.

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