Unable to Start the publish file in Uipath Agent

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Why my Publish Uipath cannot start in UIpath Agent?




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If your Robot machine is connected with Orchestrator then published processes will be uploaded into Orchestrator and same you won’t find it in Agent Desktop.

If you want to run it from Agent Desktop then disconnect Robot machine with Orchestrator and then check it.

Hi Sir, But my Agent Desktop is not connected in Orchestrator

In your screenshots above, it is indicated it ran 4 minutes before the first screenshot and in the second it is actively running and also indicated it ran 5 second before that so I am not sure of the problem you are reporting.

Can you provide more details about your symptoms and any error message from your logs?

While your Service is connected to Orchestrator, the project will be published to Orchestrator. Once you have created a process associated with an Environment or Modern Folder in Orchestrator, assuming the user you are connected to has the right permissions it will be presented to you in your Process List of the Agent Desktop or Robot Tray

You must be connected to Orchestrator to see the processes that you have published to Orchestrator.

While disconnected from Orchestrator, I publish two packages locally, which I can initiate from the process list.

Connecting to Orchestrator and publishing a package. Agent Desktop or Robot Tray will display the Processes you have access to in Orchestrator. In the below screenshot I have a process in the “Test” environment in a classic folder called “Default”.

You’ll also notice it says “Awaiting install” as I have not run the process before and it does not exist locally. Running it for the first time it will show up in the Foreground processes list and also refresh the process list with the last time the process was ran.


Hi, I already resolved the problem in a different ways. thank you :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate on what was the cause and how you resolved it?

It would be helpful to elaborate on your challenge and solution for other readers. Based on the information above it doesn’t appear that was an issue with the Agent Desktop specifically.

I am also facing the same issue that process list is not showing can you please tell me how to sort this problem.

@Danancha_Perera - Please have a read over my reply above. If it doesn’t help, I would suggest posting a new topic specific to your issue with any details that you can provide so that the community can better assist you.

plz help me , I can’t fix it :frowning:

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