Unable to start process

I got UiPath community edition 2019.7 and it was working just fine. A made a new project and for some reason, its not starting. If I reboot the PC and launch UiPath again, it works. Its really frustrating because this PC is remote and someone has to walk to it to reboot it so the process can run. Can someone please help me?

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Try to start it directly from Main.xaml file instead of UiPath Studio

@srdjan.suc. Thanks. I tired that but it still does not work. Apparently rebooting the PC right before the bot runs solved it. So weird…

No worries
That would for sure after a reboot but that’s not permanent resolution as you say
So make sure that we are using STABLE version of studio and for that go to Start option in the studio and click on help button where in the right side we can see options to select between stable or beta version
Choose stable version and try once restarting the PC and studio and I hope it won’t repeat again
This is done to make sure that the issue is not due to studio

But still we need to validate why that project in specific or any other project is also not getting opened up
—so for that remove the project Json file and open directly the main.xaml file and I hope that would work for sure
—or to validate whether it’s studio issue or not try opening some other project with the same studio
If it shows the same sort of error then we need to check with the studio been installed and for that kindly contact Uipath TECHNICAL SUPPORT team once

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @jaspreet1003

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Any queries to be discussed buddy
Were we good now
Cheers @jaspreet1003

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@Palaniyappan. Thanks. I will try these.

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Cheers @jaspreet1003