Unable to SSO - Prompts to login locally due to Two Factor Authentication

Testing out the SSO with UiPath. SSO authentication is accepted, but after redirecting to the forums, I am prompted to login using my original forum credentials as Two Factor is enabled (Token based & Security Key).

Hi @codemonkee

It would seem that with the new implementation, UiPath SSO needs to take care of the entire authentication process.

This unfortunately means that you will have to disable the two factor authentication in order to make use of the UiPath SSO.

I’ll check with the team on our progress to implement it for our UiPath SSO. I would imagine it is work in progress or is at least on a roadmap already.

I checked with the team and moving forward, we are counting on the native support for 2FA via our social login providers available on the login page:

As such, the way to use 2FA with UiPath SSO would be to use one of those providers.

As to the currently existing 2FA by Discourse, we will soon disable it for all affected accounts. We will send out communication to all affected users.

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