Unable to spy the selector

Hi Team,

I have an issue i spying the selector. After launching the application I wanted to check whether the launch was successfull or not. In other applications i have captured the username element. But in one of the web application am unable to do that. Any suggestions please let me know. Attached is the screenshot.

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Hi @ sumareddy47,

Do you have that browser extention installed ?

Yup it is installed

Try in another browser like in IE

Hi @sumareddy47

You can spy the element by using SELECT REGION. It will give you the selector with clipping region.


I have had similar issues with Chrome message boxes despite of having the extension installed. I would use one of the “exists” activity: e.g. Image Exists, OCR Text Exists or Text Exists. I personally find “Image Exists” activity more reliable.

Thanks Namaratha for the reply. You mean using element exist i need to select the region. Can you elaborate this.

In IE am unable to open the application

when i try using image exists uipath studio is not responding properly.

Hi @sumareddy47, I experienced this same issue as you today with chrome (even though the extension is installed). This was my solution, since the username field was already active, you can use the type into activity (no need to indicate element), add some hotkeys in the type into to press tab into the next field, then type the password then click enter. See screenshot below for the solution:

Also note, once you’re logged into the site, the extension will work and you will be able to select UI elements on the browser web page.

Hope this helps.


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This is how I used the Image Exists activity. I looked for the “sign in” image on the popup, then used an if to sign in if not already signed in.

Currently i did my process in the same way using hot keys. But initially i need to check whether the launching is successfull or not. Later i need to try for Login into the Application. So am trying to make sure whether the application is successfully launched or not

I tried Image exists but it is not giving me any selector. In the screenshot you mentioned it is providing the selector.

Click on F3, when you are intrrogating the element .It will let you to select the region in type into activity.