Unable to spy on browser page

I am accessing a browser page through an IP address and the first landing page is this one :

I need to automate the part where you click on Advanced etc, but I am not able to spy on this page at all.
This is the pop-up that appears:

Does anyone know how to spy on this type of pages? Is it possible at all?
Thank you in advance!


Are you on cross platform?

if not ideally you should be able to…or did you try using key strokes or use inject js activity to handle this page?


I am working on the same VM where I’ve always been developing, not using any keystroke or doing anything differently.

The problem occurs only on this first landing page, if I manually select Advanced-Continue etc on this site, the Bot is able to spy on the upcoming elements.

But this is what happens when I try to spy only on the Advanced button - it doesn’t recognise the elements.


Did you try changing the mode to AA and check?

also I was not asking if you used keystrokes but letting you know that we can use keystrokes if they are supported instead of clicks

also inject JS is one more option to check if we can perform that advanced click using javascript

Hope this helps


Thank you Anil for giving me the idea to pass in AA mode.
I changed the project into Modern Design Experience and was able to spy the elements with Computer Vision activity and now it works :slight_smile:

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