Unable to skip the current loop iteration using 'Continue'

Hi UiPathians,

I have a workflow in which I am using following steps:

  1. Extract User List(Email IDs) from a data table in a webpage
  2. Putting every extracted email ID in a while loop and proceeding with further steps

Now I have an exception that whenever a “+” sign is encountered in the email ID, an error occurs and further steps do not execute. I want to put a check that whenever “+” is encountered in the email ID, current iteration should skip and next iteration to take place.
To do this, put the whole while loop into a for each loop and used Continue whenever “+” sign is encountered.
Following screenshot depicts the workflow.

But somehow, when Continue is encountered, instead of continuing with the next iteration, control flows out of the whole loop(which is something the work of ‘break’)

Any help in letting me know where am I going wrong/better way of implementing the flow is highly appreciated.

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@Akanksha_Varshney Instead of using continue activity. Do like blelow.

If string contains “+” don’t do anything else do your required operations. It works well and also you can reduce one activity in your workflow.

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Hi @Manjuts90, thanks for looking into!

I had different steps to execute after if and else.
I resolved it by using a flowchart and putting further steps if the ‘false’ part of the flowchart decision and back to the decision when decision result was ‘true’

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