Unable to Sign up for Test

I went to the following site but was unable to take the test.

Then I go to this site and it sends no email although it says it does.

I contacted support but I haven’t heard from them its been 12 hrs. Has anyone experienced this?

Hi @AlienV ! How have you been?

You must to create a new account on certificate page. You simply cannot access this portal using the same credantials of Academy website.


Thanks but unfortunately clicking “Sign up now” takes you nowhere. All links/clicks with the exception of privacy statement keep you on the same page.

Try this link https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy/certifications and click on Get Yours Right Now button.

Clicking on that brings me to here (below). Then to the sign up page I showed you above. A loop with no exit. Thanks for your assistance. I decided to put in an email address that does not exist and it did say it didn’t recognize the account. So the problem is the website.

I was using Chrome. I switched to IE and that did the trick.

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