Unable to sign into Studio X

Hi im a noob trying to get through the early courses and I am having a hard time figuring out how to sign into StudioX. I try doing it with


but I keep getting the message

“The sign in server can not be reached. Please check your internet connection or the validity of the provided URL”

I have an account and can log into it from my browser but have no idea how to sign into studio.

What am I missing?


For changing to StudioX from Studio pro check below

Mark as solution if this helps you


Done that. Isnt logging in.


Any error are you facing?

Logging means you are trying to login to Orchestrator?


I am logged in on my browser but can seem to figure out how to get the app to signed in.

I appreciate your patience.


Check the documentation as below

Hope this helps you


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thanks ill check it out tonight. Hope it works.