Unable to set value to output data in queue item when it business exception

I am unable set value to output data in queue item when it is in business exception but able to set output data value if its successful

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Could you describe what issue you have? With UiPath.System.Activities versions from 22.10.* upwards setting output on Business exceptions should work.


If possible share Error screenshot

Hi @aboli.bhor

Review your output logs. If the workflow is not generating an error after it enters the set transaction status Of(business rule exception handler), based on the provided screenshot, it appears to be in order. Try hardcoding the bot status to investigate whether that might be the issue.


I tried BOT_status with hardcoding value but again it’s not updating in output data.

Hi @aboli.bhor

Output data can be set only if the queue item status is successful

For business exception item, try using details parameter

Hope it helps

Hi @aboli.bhor

Try to update UiPath.System.Activities and try again.

@Gayathri_Ramanathan in newest version it is possible to set output data for business and system exception too

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