Unable to send Files through Email

Hello Everyone,

I have got one scenario where i have to convert one Word document into PDF file and send on email which is mentioned in excel document.

I have saved PDF file in one location and now i am stuck on how to send that generated PDF on email. Please note different PDF name gets generated every time and it has to be mailed to different email ID

Please help ASAP. Would appreciate

Hi mate,

Does your folder where pdf is present contains only single pdf file, means every time only single pdf file with different name is saved there ?


No it contains multiple PDF files. Every time new PDF files generates gets saved in that folder

Hi @akhil.dwivedi so it means that u only need to send attachment the files which are recently generated ?

So you want to send newly generated single file to multiple user ?

yes newly generated file to multiple users

One more thing mate,Is the conversion of word into pdf is also included in your send email robot ?


Yes once conversion from Word to PDF finishes next activity is send outlook email


Yes i want to send latest generated PDF file


Then do one thing, just save the path or name of newly generated file in a variable and use that variable in Attach File functionality of SMTP.
In this way you can send same file to multiple users.

Hi @akhil.dwivedi

If there are many PDF within that folder and you want only latest PDF to be send via email then do this way

Try to get the get the creation date of each PDF file and store in array or collection and then sort it to get the latest date and select that file accordingly

Hope it helps you


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