Unable to select tree item and its subnode

Dear RobotMasters,

I am trying to go through all the database for available countries to perform certain activities in windows application but somehow i couldn’t achieve it.

Actions -

  1. Select country and double click on database (Need help)
  2. Attach new window and perform set of actions. Close Window. (Done)
  3. Repeat - Do same for rest of the countries/database (approx. 40)

Note -

  1. Parent and subnode can be found under “TTreeView” → “Outline”.
  2. “Database” can only be distinguished by idx value.
  3. Visual Tree - First two item in screenshot under “Outline” are for “United Kingdom”. First is for country and second for “Database”

Your help is much appreciated.


Do your application looks like the image on the left to start?

When you double click it brings up the child node database for that country only?

If so can you not use the country name as an anchor to then click the database value?

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Yes, it looks exactly same. I managed to dynamically click correct country and database but i want to loop through the treeview. There are more than 40 countries so i want to process it one by one. Yes, clicking on perticular country brings database for the opted country those database name is same.

I managed to solve it by using get attribute activity to identify parent (not “database”) and click text to choose “database”. (After selecting item i always collapse to make it work)

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