Unable to select the desired value from the drop list

I’m new to UI Path and recently finished my first project, although it had a few challenges. I was attempting to read values from Excel and input them into browser fields. For example, I read and input the value “INDIA” into a browser field, but it was the 2nd option on the dropdown list. Unfortunately, I couldn’t select the 2nd option, “INDIA.” I want to create a dynamic RPA where it can search for and select the desired value wherever it is in the list. Can you please help me fix this issue?


have you tried with select item activity

if not try it once


Hi Ganesh,
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Are you using the Select activity to select from the dropdown?
If so, please pass the variable to the ‘item to select’ property of select activity.

Hi @Ganesh_N1 ,

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Screenshot 2023-10-10 162532
Please use Select Item activity and select that dropdown box, provide value in variable.

Sandhiya P