Unable to select the clipping region for masking in PDF Element from Uipath

Trying to mark out the region for masking in PDF Element, I am passing Clipping region to the below activites in Uipath, following options have been tried:

  1. Single Click with Clipping region , does not work.
  2. Double Click selects the entire PDF content and it masks the entire region.
  3. ‘Send Hotkey’ with Ctrl+A does not select the specific region.

Only Double Click works , but it selects the entire PDF area, though Clipping Region is specified.
Is there any other activity in Uipath for marking out that specific region ? Any inputs would be helpful

May I know why we are doing so
I didn’t get that term exactly buddy

There are QR codes in a PDF document, need to idenitfy the QR code region and mask it based on the region it is present in the PDF file. The region of the QR code varies with each PDF document.Able to use Scraping with Tesseract OCR, and get the X,Y,height,Width of the words in the PDF document. So need to pass these co-ordinates of QR code to Clipping Region of an activity which will mask the QR code. As said, these Clipping Region for QR code varies for each PDF need to generate it Dynamically.

Using ‘Find Element’(though this returns the exact Clipping Region of the QR Code) and ‘Anchor Base’ activity is not working for all PDF files. So looking for alternate ways in Uipath to identify the position of the QR Code in PDF to work for all PDFs

This is some sensitive information of an employee that needs to be masked before uploading to an ERP.

Followed the links

Able to select a region using CLICK DOWN followed by HOVER activity.

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