Unable to select specific text in PDF

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When i am trying to specify and anchor base and get text in a PDF, the entire PDF is getting selected and I am not able to selected the required text. PDF is not a scanned one and I have set the accessibility and reading options as required. My adobe version is 20.012. What can be done? Kindly clarify.


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I have already set the correct options. Even still the entire PDF is getting selected.

1.Try to restart the studio and adobe reader
2.Reset all the settings

Try to check its working or not

  1. Might be PDF format error therefore the entire PDF is getting selected

The PDF is the one that was provided along with UI Path tutorial. I will check the reaming points you mentioned and see it it works.

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I am having the same problem. Did this solution work for you? Also why do you ask the question then not say if the solution worked? Very frustrating, it makes your chat unhelpful

@suryasunderraj did you find the solution

Did u find the Solution ?

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