Unable to select specific field from Data-scraping

Hi, I am new in RPA and facing a problem while using the data-scraping tool. I am unable to select a specific field. The whole page is getting selected.


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Is the issue with every element in the browser ? And also after chrome extension installed have you restarted the chrome browser ?

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—this occurs due to many reasons like
—if we are not going for any remote system and we are only in local machine trying to access the chrome in it then
—kindly uninstall and reinstall the uipath chrome extension, close all the chrome browser and uipath studio as well. Open the studio freshly and try to access the elements in the page
—or if still the issue persists uninstall and reinstall the uipath studio and try once

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Maham_Riaz_Khan

Thanks for the answer. Issue is fixed now

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