Unable to select or Click on "Completed" Status of ACME-WI5

Hi Guys!
I am trying to update Client security Hash code obtained from SHA1 website to ACME website.
Next i want to update the status to “Completed”. For this i used Select Item activity but i am getting the error This control doesnt support this select activity…
Below is the screenshot -


Next when i use “Click Activity” the desired result is not obtained. pls help.

Instead of select item, use the following

  1. Click on the drop down
  2. Select completed from the drop down

Enable the simulate click for both clicks in the propeties.

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Hi Karthik
Thanks for your response, I have changed as per your suggestion, now this is what i am doing in my workflow -


now when i try to indicate element for Select activity - i am getting the following error pop up

below is the popup msg -


am i doing something wrong ?


Here, Select Item Activity won’t work here.

As @KarthikByggari said, take two Click activities one is for clicking drop down field and another one is for selecting item from the list and indicate Completed item.


Thanks Lakshman,
okay let me try again. will get back with the result.

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Hi @lakshman & @KarthikByggari ,

yes it is working absolutely perfect now…
Thanks Guys!!!


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