Unable to select item from drop down on salesforce


I am lookin gto select an item on the drop down list on Salesforce however i am not able to use select item as its not compatible. At the moment i have used click activity then type into activity followed by enter command. Where i use type into with a variable it doesn’t type into however using a word in “” works.
How can i get this activity to work using a variable?
The item to select will be different each time depending on the client.


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hi @nick.v
have you tried computer vision activities : https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/about-the-ui-automation-activities-pack
try it may help you to capture those

i am getting an error ‘Invalid descriptor value’

if a String between double quote works then for sure a variable of type string should work buddy
still we got two options like
–like once after getting to the page we want to use GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity and use a send hot key activity with key as tab and use only the hot key and dont select any element for any selector
–use n number of send hot key activity with key as tab until it reaches the field we want
–then use type into activity with the variable we want as input and again dont select any element for any selector
–then a send hot key with key as enter

this will work


instead of typing use SET TO CLIPBOARD activity where pass the same varriable as input and use a send hot key activity with key as ctrl+v which will paste the value from clipboard

Cheers @nick.v

Hi @Palaniyappan The first solution won’t work if client has different information on the form each time then i need the bot to be able to read it on the form and then click on the same item on the drop down.
I have just tried the second method using set to clipboard, the bot clicked on the drop-down but didn’t click on the item on the list i needed it to.

These are my settings for the hotkey

do i need to change anything?

though it has different information in it anyhow we are going to pass the value we have as a variable right buddy

and for this
is this placed inside the GET ACTIVE WINDOW activity

Cheers @nick.v

Going back to the original method of variable + enter command, my get full text activity is picking up squares after the text which is why is not selecting it in the drop-down menu.

how can i resolve this?

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May I know why we use get text activity here
We are going to just select the item from drop down isn’t it

the select item activity is not compatible so therefore using get text to store the text in a variable from the form and type it into the drop-down and press enter to select the item.

hmm…sorry buddy i got confused now…may i know how the process actually starts and how it goes

ok so we are creating a new account on Salaesforce using a form created on word. The table in word has all the information that is needed to create a new account on Salesforce, literally all the other get full text activities work perfectly fine and data is read without squares at the end but having issues with this one.


I have similar problem in salesforce but in mycase, i cannot type. As we click, all the options shown as below.

I am not able to use “Select Item” as it is throwing below error.


Can u help me on this please. I have few more dropdowns i need to select and all are same.