Unable to select individual selectors in chrome hompage tab

Hello Everyone,

I was trying out a scenario in which I open a website with chrome and then open another website in a new tab in the same browser session.

However, the chrome extension is not activated in the default Chrome homepage when the new tab is opened.
Even using the UiExplorer in UiAutomation mode, the individual elements cannot be identified.
The URL tab also cannot be recognized.

This behaviour is observed in multiple systems and this would not be a error from the particular PC itself.

The elements can only be identified if any website is open.

Can anyone provide a update as to why UiPath exhibits this behavior and is there any workaround for this.

I know the new website can be opened using a new browser session or using a different browser, but curious as to why the selector elements cannot be identified in the new chrome tab.

Thank you.

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did you installed extensions?

UiPath Chrome extension will only work on the websites that you have mentioned/added…not on all.
In first screenshot, its the default page, while in second screenshot, you have opened the google website.

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