Unable to select from dropdown

I am unable to select the checkbox (All Sites) after the dropdown is selected.

Hi! @Ammara_Imran, Welcome to uipath Community!

is that dynamic data or static(From Excel)?

if it is dynamic use Select item activity. and indicate the cursor on select. you will get all the items which is available in the dropdown. then choose the required one(“All Sites”).



You can try with Click text activity to click on specific “All Sites” text.


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I can see some search box there. Enter the required value you want to select in that search box and then it will show only that element. And then you use Click activity to select the value.

What does unable mean? You can’t get selectors? Or you get selectors and it doesn’t work? Which activities are you using? Click? Select Item? Check? We can’t help with just “it doesn’t work.”

Some websites use own implementations of a dropdown, not the normal one. The select activity not work properly then. Can you show the website?