Unable to Select Elements <webctrl tag='CANVAS' />


We are trying to automate a login process to a site. However, when I try to indicate the password element - the selector is showing the whole login box as an image

And in the UI explorer this is the ‘lowest’ CANVAS tag:

Has anyone got any ideas on this?
Many thanks!

Are you able to indicate the username text box? If yes then:

  1. Use send hot key activity and seletc tab then

  2. Use type into activity without any seletor and pass the password value

  3. Again send hotkey and select enter

Or if you able to indicate in sign in the use click activity

Hi @9551890498322d46987c52eb8
Are you able to select User Name. If yes then try send hot key is it coming in password or not.

Hi, thanks for the response

Unfortunately, as soon as I go to indicate anywhere in the screen it ‘blues’ out…

and nothing within the dialogue (username or passsword) is selectable…

Click on that where you are able to indicate, then use hot key(tab) and type into activity (without seletor)

Also try by enabling the Active Accessibility if your are able to indicate or not.


Do u have access to modern ?


You can try to select hoverable elements or a different UI Framework.
Maybe it’ll be able to detect the selector.

If not u gotta use hotkeys or image

Hi @kali - I have this selected in my project settings - is it the correct setting for Modern?

Screenshot 2022-09-30 at 11.27.10

Many thanks again

Hello @9551890498322d46987c52eb8

Can you go to developer window and inspect on that element and see what is the html tag for those fields?

Right click on the browser->Inspect.