Unable to select dropdown values in Seeburger Java application


I’m automating Seeburger application(Java based - JNLP). I’m facing issues while selecting value from dropdown (see the attached document for reference - need to select highlighted values which are dropdown controls). I tried using Select Item, Click OCR Text, Click text, however none of them worked. Also I tried using FindChildren activity, however it’s resetting values in right side for all the controls within table.

To brief you about the control, in UiExplorer it’s shown as the table with the below selector:

Could you please help me resolve this isssue?

Appreciate your help and inputs.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rohan_Upadhye1 !
Usually when I automate a Java based app, when I face complex dropdown menus, either:

  • i try using the record button in the ribbon, sometimes it gets a better solution rather than drag&drop specific activities
  • otherwise i use type into activity to start writing the element that i have in mind to select, and i can play with delay between keys option, then use send hotkey to enter
    Let me know if you tried these two options so we could think of a third one !

@Rohan_Upadhye1 , what have you done to get the Java bridge run? I did a lot of tries, by the wizard, manualy and by the UIP Startpage. Was not able to acces any field. Would be appreciated for any support.

I’m not using jplauncher, but ZULU java.exe