Unable to select dropdown values in Seeburger Java app


I’m automating Seeburger application(Java based - JNLP). I’m facing issues while selecting value from dropdown (see the attached document for reference - need to select highlighted values which are dropdown controls). I tried using Select Item, Click OCR Text, Click text, however none of them worked. Also I tried using FindChildren activity, however it’s resetting values in right side for all the controls within table.

To brief you about the control, in UiExplorer it’s shown as the table with the below selector:

Could you please help me resolve this isssue?

Appreciate your help and inputs.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @rupadhye ,

This is what I see regarding the selector: image

Anyway, we can connect via Zoom, if you want, and share more about the problem.

Also, have you tried using Click with Simulate?

I have seen there is a duplicate issue here: Unable to select dropdown values in Seeburger Java application. If the selector is the one from the UiExplorer screenshot, maybe a click with Hardware Events (without Simulate and Window Messages checked) will do the job.

Hi @Vlad.coteanu, I’ve tried the Click with simulate option and hardware keys, however problem is not yet solved fully. The dropdown has text that contains ‘_’, spaces which is causing problem in selecting specific values like “SAP_TST”,“Order response”.