Unable to select content menu item after right click in my desktop application

Hi Guys,
i have a desktop application, where i have to right click and select an item from the menu.
It worked till right click, and there after selecting the item from menu is not working. I have chosen down arrow using send hot key, but that did not work. Can some one help me in this?
Application where i have to select the menu is

Hi @Rachakonda_Venkata_S

Are you sure your selector is correct?
I haven’t faced your problem if the selector is correct, whether click or snd hotkey.
Usually, when you select the seletor,
you need to use F2 to delay selecting then you can right click beforehand.

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once after right clicking with CLICK activity use SEND HOT KEY activity without any selector chosen and only with the hot key like down
use n number of such SEND HOT KEY ACTIVITY with key as down without any element chosen for selectors and once after reaching the field we want then we can use a final send hot key with key as enter

but with send hot key activities without any selector
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Rachakonda_Venkata_S

Hi @Palaniyappan,
Below is the screenshot of my activity
, i have done what ever you have told me. can you please correct me if i am wrong any where by seeing the screenshot

Hi @wusiyangjia,
i have not used any selector here.

Also when i am trying to “indicate element inside window” or i am trying to get the selector, the right click menu is disappearing. hence i am forced to use hotkey. Please help me if i need to do anything else. As i am stuck here.

Hi @Rachakonda_Venkata_S

As I said, for avoid the right click menu is disappeared,
when indicate element inside window,
you need to use F2 first to delay selecting,
and right click in delay time, then you can get selector from right click menu.
In most case, Send Hotkey also need to be set a selector,
so I suggest you to use click activity if you can get the selector by above method.

Could you please elaborate a bit