Unable to see robots while creating a job even when scheduling


I am unable to see robots in the list while creating a job, i was able to create job, schedule everything before, now it is giving error “#schedule Emailautomation for #process Process_EmailAutomation could not start. Undefined robots (#1678).”
I have connected using Machine Key, created ENV and Added robots to that ENV… Can anyone please help me? Thanks

HI @VGtha

Check whether your robot is licensed and connected with the orchestrator. It seems that your local robot is not connected. You can check the connection status from the local robot tray…


Robot is Connected and licensed, and i can run the job from Agent and i can view the log from orchestrator

What kind of robot is that? Is that Attended Robot?

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Yes It is Attended Robot

Hi @VGtha,

From processes, check if the Environment is same as allocated to the robot which you are using.

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Hi @rimsha03 Thank you so much for the Big clue, Yes i am using the same Environment but issue is i have assigned the same robot to old process, where i forgot to detach And assigned the same Attended robot to new process. So it is not showing in the list. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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