Unable to see Recording Ribbon and Data Scrapping

Hi Team,

Downloaded the Uipath from cloud.uipath.com. I tried to install the uipath tool.

when its opened i need to do desktop ,web automations and need to scrap data.

but unable to see those options in latest uipath studio.
Tried to reinstall more than twice.
sharing the image

please let me know the solution.

Hi @personal_mail

Refer to the thread below!


Hi pravin,

Go to filter and try to check show classic and then search for it. Now you can see ope browser/attach browser.

Hi @personal_mail

Incase the above thread not briefs Refer the thread below.


Hi @personal_mail

In modern design experience (supported by latest version of UiPath) the recording is sames as app/web recorded and data scrapping is same as tabe extraction.

You can change it in studio settings or in project settings (toggle modern design experience)


ok Thanks

Thanks. Its resolved.

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