Unable to see option to add machines with on prem UIpath Orchestrator version 2023.4

I have configured trail version ( 2023.4) of UiPath orchestrator but unable to see the option to add machines and robots .And also unable to see option to add custom credential store .
Attached is the UI

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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was the intention to do it at Tenant level?

Hello @divyabhar ,
Try this, Go to the Hub, create the user and try to log in via the user you may get it.

Tried this , but still not able to see the option to add machines and robots. Can we setup any support call to resolve this issue?


You are in orchestrator host portal that’s why

U r using one of these portal URLs
Get back from here

Open https://cloud.uipath.com and open orchestrator

You can then see the home page of orchestrator and add machines

Cheers @divyabhar

Hi ,

I have installed orchestrator UiPath Enterprise locally.