Unable to see jira get activities in production uipath


I am able to see and download activities related to jira in Uipath which is on development invironment but i am not able to see those same activities in uipath which is on production environment.
Both uupath are of same version 2019.10.4.
Why i am facing this issue ?
Please help me to solve this because i want same activities there too.
Check below screenshots

Hard to say the only idea that I have in Settings doesn’t have a marketplace like this.

After adding this marketplace i am able to download thanks.
one more doubt i have .
1] In production for jira application scope is there is need to define password in authentication production or in authentication design also fine

2] if we have to pass in production then how to pass secure string in password ?

Please watch these 2 movies to understand the logic of that fields:

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