Unable to scrape dynamic selector

Hi Guys,

I’m practically new UIPath and have tried to go through a few tutorials before I could get started. So far the journey has been amazing but I have been stuck in one place for a really long time and I’d appreciate the help. I’ve gone through several forums but I could not get through - or probably I’ve not understood what they are trying to say.

Coming to the question, what I’m trying to do is to scrape through an Excel which has links.

I just want to open each of the link and extract

  1. Heading
  2. Is it in Stock?
  3. Price
  4. Description

I would like to output all this into another excel ( I know its possible ) but because I’m rusty I’ve tried the dirty way to complete which is to write into a text file with comma separated.

I’ve comepleted 1, and tried to write logic for 2… I initially thought it was working fine but when I put an item which is out of stock and I get to know that the boolean value was remaining the same no matter what it was.

In a different module, I was also trying to get the description but the data is being scrapped from the “Product Enquiry” tab as well. Unsure why that’s happening and if there is a way to get rid of that data.

Attached is how far I have reached.

I’d love to learn how to get this across the line.

Appreciate your help and thanks for taking time out.


I’m unable to attach files as I’m new to the forum, once I’ve access to upload I can upload the workflow…

The excel files have three links such as -


Once you open the links you will be able to identify all the details about what I’m after.