Unable to save the validated data in action center

Hi team,
unable to save the validated data in Action center (orchestrator) and getting error response “Bad request”. kindly some one help me to resolve this issue.



Please check the followings

  1. Storage Bucket Name → The name of the Storage Bucket where the action will store its data.
  2. Storage Bucket Directory Path → In which folder “Storage Bucket” is created, mention that folder name.


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Pls check this troubleshoot step

Cheers @Ananth_K

@KarunaD -


in Validation action activity no issue and action also creating in orchestrator. but once validated and try to submit only i am getting “Bad request” error message. and BOT in suspended state not process further.

Check these permissions enabled or not

@KarunaD - checked and already provided required folder access to BOT. then also am getting same error.

Hi @Ananth_K,

Just to get clarity on your problem statement, you mean below?

You are able to successfully create validation action in action center.
Also, storage bucket is successfully showing the file uploaded.
Then you are also able to complete that action successfully but once that action is completed, process doesn’t resume. If yes, what is the process showing in orchestrator? Pending allocation?


Or you are not even able to complete your action successfully in action center/orchestrator itself?

Could you please share more details to help you better.

Also, please share a snapshot of your workflow and parameters for wait for validation activity.


Hi my issue is resolved and am created project using document understanding template/ orchestration process instead of normal project.

Hi @Ananth_K,

Glad to hear that.

Now that your issue is resolved, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can be closed.