Unable to save messages read from outlook accound


I am Exploring how to send and receive outlook mail.
And am very much new to RPA tools.

I tried to read top 2 mails from my outlook account.

Below is my workflow

When I run this, I am getting below error message.

For Each: Object refernce not set to an instance of an object

Data type of oop is System.generic.collections.list<System.net.mail.mailmessage>
Data type of item is System.net.mail.mailmessage

Can anyone help me out ??

@Sathya_Priya In forEach you have to pass the stored all mails of variable, and in foreach item type should be system.net.mail.message. find screenshots for reference.

Hi @vamsiyeluri ,
Thanks much. It worked. Now I am to read messages from office 365 account.

But am not able to send messages to that account.
Below is my workflow

Below is the properties

When running the workflow am facing below error.

Can you help me to sort out??

Thanks in advance

@Sathya_Priya Once Update the Mail Packages (UiPath.Mail.Activites) using manage packages.

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Thanks much for the response…
Actually the issue was due to Email Shield enabled in AVG antivirus.
When I disabled it, It worked.

Can you suggest some use cases in ui path which you have come across…?