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please i need you’re help,
Downloaded the file from portal and saved into a particular location with specific file name. don’t work !

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hi @ifranity

Tell me the exactly what you are trying to say

U mean to say the downloaded file with appropriate file name given is not getting saved in the location

Ashwin S


thank you for your answer,

what I want is to download an excel file from a website, this file is in mode (read only) the goal is to save it under the project directory with a new name

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If it has to be done with UI, I usually right click on the download link, click save link as from the dropdown menu, type into the file name box the FULL file path (e.g. C:\temp\yourfolder\newfilename.xlsx), then click the save button.

Before continuing, I’d make sure to allow for appropriate time to download by using a retry activity with the fileexists=true as the retry condition


thanks for your answer, however i tried your method the file changes the name but it saves in format * .htm, but I can not select Excel as file type even with the dropdown menu
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Hi @ifranity

Is the downloaded file from sharepoint?

have you checked in or out the file ?

Ashwin S


the downladed file is from a CRM tools


Hi @ifranity,
There is only 2 possibilities
1.The is not downloaded completely.
2.May be file has corrupted.

Make sure the activity is completely download the file or not .
Which activity you are using to download ?


If it downloads ONLY as HTML, that simply means you don’t have the right link…

An excel file will have the option of “excel” in the dropdown. If it is simply another webpage, then you will only have HTML in the dropdown

I attached 4 pictures of the two different types of links. One is a download page which contains more links to the actual download. This shows as HTML only in the dropdown.

Here I clicked on an actual download link of the .xlsm file. Note how the dropdown is different

Hi @ifranity and @Dave,
The below one just you get the url by using the Get attribute activity after you can apply this custom activty


It sounds like they are having trouble getting the correct URL though, which would cause your custom activity to fail.

There are different ways of doing it-

  1. Once you download the file, click on drop down icon next to save
    Click Save As
    And save the file in desired location.

  2. Once the file is downloaded, Open the file
    Click File > Save As
    And save the file

  3. If you know the downloaded filename with file path, you can use copy file or move file activity and put the required file name is the destination property.
    If save as from download link is not working, you can open the file and then use file menu > save as

Hi Dave,

I have a question for you if you’re not busy.

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is it possible to use save as and then change the file location bar ?

HI @Rasoul,

You can use this custom activity to specify the Save As in different file format.


Instead of changing the file location bar, it is better to just type in the full file path in the ‘File name’ input box

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