Unable to run unattended In VDI when coming back to Local machine

Hi .

I’m trying to run unattended bot from VDI its working fine when im connected with VDI once im coming back to my local while running its not wroking

Hi @Surendra_Kumar_Bonu

Go to Tenant → Manage Access → Assign Roles → Robot Accounts → Click on three dots and click on Edit → you will find Robot Settings → Enable Login to Console by keeping option as No → Click Update.

This should help you run the bot, even when your come out from VM.

Hope it helps!!


You should not login into Unattended VDI machine when bot is running. It would be human intervention for it and bot can break.

Whenever you login to VDI even when bot not running, don’t forget to log out correctly. If you don’t it could make issue to run bot as expected.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Are you not triggering the process from orchestrator… @Surendra_Kumar_Bonu

If you are triggering the process from studio then how you are logging into VM.

I am not understanding what you are doing.

triggering through orchestrator from my local machine

even tough im triggering through orchestrator im facing issue