Unable to RUN UiRobot from command line which deals with excel files. Any Help?



“C:\Users\ZeeshanAmanat\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.2.1\UiRobot.exe” /file:“D:\Automation\UiPath\Main.xaml”

It runs other processes perfectly but unable to run the process with Excel files.

Any help appreciated.


Can you please elaborate? What exactly happens when you try to run a process dealing with excel files? Does it throw any error?

Rammohan B.


Hi Rammohan, Here it is the error I got on running the process having Excel activities.


I believe it occurs when you don’t have that particular package installed.

Are you able to run it from UiPath Studio?

Rammohan B.


Yes, It’s working perfectly from a studio. I am using Studio 2018.2.2 Community Edition.


Your robot here seems to be pointing to 18.2.1. Can you try changing this to 18.2.2 as well?

Rammohan B.


Tried both versions. Same error while trying to run from UiRobot.exe via Command Line.

We’re really stuck to deliver this to a client and this problem has started to show up just recently, the same command line was working perfectly fine with the earlier version 2018.2.0.