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Karthik Byggari

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I have newly installed the version 2019.2 in my machine. But i am not able to see the uipath robot service in the services.msc. For this, how can i restart the service. If i have check with software installation team they are saying the version is evaluation.


Pradeep Sridharan

Could you please explain more details on this.

Now i can able to quit the uipath robot tray

and how can i logging in or out or kill the process in the task scheduler

Sure Pradeep,

The problem is that your robot/Studio gets automatically updated to the latest version of community that is pushed now monthly.
So after the update some of your components (Studio, tray, robot) are using the latest version and some are using the old one, therefore creating that contract mismatch error that you see.
A restart of the robot should bring all components to the latest version.

This “restart” can be done in 3 different ways as described in that link:

  • closing the robot tray (Settings&Quit) and Studio and starting them again
  • logging out/logging on your user session
  • killing the robot process in task manager (not scheduler, that is a typo in the link)

Does this help ?



Thanks for the support

it is working now

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