Unable to run the bot with locked screen


I have created a work flow, which reads the credentials from a file and opens the browser and logs into the citrix. In the virtual machine it opens an application and scrapes the data from it and mails the data to me. And closes all the windows.

The problem here is the robot works fine when my computer screen is not locked, but the robot fails in step 1 itself when the computer is locked. I need to schedule this task to run everyday with the screen locked. im currently using the community edition 2019.9.2 and robot type is unattended.

Please help me to fix this

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Hi @Vivek_Karuppusamy

kindly read this article this might be helpful to you :smiley:

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Uipath not supported background in Citrix environment . because Citrix works on as Image .

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Thanks @pattyricarte :smile:

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Hi @sandeep13,

Is there any other way that we can use to unlock the computer ?

Vivek K

Hi @ Vivek_Karuppusamy,

is your virtual machine in you computer right ?

if yes thats your problem … besouse your virtual machine is reading from your machine.

No worries @Vivek_Karuppusamy