Unable to run script after disconnecting VM / after doing system shutdown

i am just asking if i will uninsatll my current uipath as u suggested and will reinstall again.u told we need to select robot type as service mode. so my question is while installing uipath exactly where uipath will ask for this selection (selection of service mode for robot) ? and i guess robot get auto installed when we install uipath .

one more point to update as i told in earlier comments we are using new mremoteng version and with previous version also uipath.service.host.exe was not there u can check below ss.

but with this scripts working fine after system logout also.

Do you have license that connected with Uipath @Mathkar_kunal

If yes, share the screenshot


Task Scheduler - #8 by Shubham_Varshney.
@Mathkar_kunal .

ok i cheked the post but for us orchestrator is not possible due to costing reason.
i tried by task scheduler as well as running through script (uipath) also (as if uipath is open then no issue for gui interactions) but still didnt woked after system log off

from where i can get that ?

Hi @Mathkar_kunal

For more information you can learning things on https://academy.uipath.com/

Have a look on the documentation for Licensing, Attended and Unattended



can u explain in detail how to install this.
where to start exactly?
in cmd ?

Yes, in cmd prompt.


Also nothe that version 21.4 is the last one which supports this way of scheduling via Windows Scheduler.

Version 21.10 does not support it

hello my user name is CORP\ADM-FR-HAELKHIA AND uipath version is 2021.4.4

so according to your comment is below command is right?
USERNAME=CORP\ADM-FR-HAELKHIA set VERSION=2021.4.4 C: cd C:\ProgramData%USERNAME%\UiPath%VERSION% UiPath.Service.Host.exe install UiPath.Service.Host.exe

i have to paste this whole command as one in cmd?as below

please guide me on same

Unfortunately it seems you do not know how to deal with command prompt.
In such case you should not use it :frowning:

Ok i will check on this more.
can u tell me which version is this app-20.3.0-beta0084?
from where can i get this version info

Simply you should do following:
1/ open command prompt
2/ CD “to folder where your UiPath is installed”
3/ run UiPath.Service.Host.exe install

“folder where your UiPath is installed” deppends on your version. UiPath often changes this


ok i will try

just one update
in event viewer it is showing like this.heck below ss.


i have resinstalled uipath as service host. but still etiing same error once i logged off.
in event viewer showing like below.