Unable to run process through Orchestrator which runs perferctly on studio in debug mode

I have a process built on UIPath Studio to Open the Team Viewer app from the desktop, connect to a remote PC and then transfer some desired files to my local PC. The process runs pretty well when run in Debug Mode or Run File Mode on the studio. But when I publish it and try to run it through an orchestrator, it stops in between and throws an error message “Could not find UI element for this action”

I tried to find out the reason why it stops at that particular point every time. I think that the tool is not able to find the target to click and hence stops…But when I validate the target and anchors, it shows 67% and it does not stop here when run from the studio in debug mode.

Please let me know how to get tackle such problems.
Thank You :slight_smile:

Try to find a stable selector without using idx. You may try with different attributes like aaname or text using UiExplorer. Try to avoid using idx or cssclass attributes