Unable to run file

When I clicked on Debug File → Run File, it gives me an error message as follows:

What is the problem and how to resolve it?


Hi @lhtan123

Can u close and open it again ?

I have tried to open n close UiPath n re-run file but still the same error.


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Can you check Is UiPath Assistant is connected, share the screenshot

Also check you are able to login to orchestrator


Hi !
On the top right, I see that you are connected to an account.
Try to sign out and sign it to see if it makes a difference

You’re right. I have logged out from Orchestrator.

Before discovering the top right logo, I went to cloud.uipath.com to login and logout but it didn’t work. Why its it so?

Hi @iharn.jeng

Welcome to UiPath.


It seems like error in your robot connectivity. Try to disconnect the robot and connect again. Thanks.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts.

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