Unable to run dsquery from uipath


i need to run one dsquery from cmd using uipath.
when i am running query manually using cmd as administrator and without administrator it is working fine . cehck bellow ss.

but when i am running same query using cmd through uipath it is showing me below error.

Kindly help me with the same
@Atul_Rai @Latika10011740 @shyam.sankar

Hello @Mathkar_kunal ,

The path of in the second screen shot seems to be different from the first one.

Are you sure that you can run the dsquery command manually from the extended path:


Would it be possible for the Robot to do a cd to this path first:


And then run the dsquery command from that path?

Trying to remove the variations first might help drill down to the actual problem.

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It seems 32bit/64bit matter.
Can you try to use the following in bat file which is called by UiPath?



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Executed using run and working fine now

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