Unable to run bot in Unattended

Hi Team

I am not able to run unattended automation in community edition. It is showing unable install package. But in Attended Mode yes. Only one of the process run in Unattended mode.

Karthik Ballary

Delete the nuget package of that process already there in the system.

Try running again.

You said it shies unable to install package in orchestrator logs foe unattended run?

you are running attended and unattended on the same machine!

I am directly publishing from studio end. I don’t have nuget package in my folder.

I have two different machine templates for both attended and unattended. Even in other machine also unattended is not working.

In assistant it shows unable to install package ‘packageName’

Failed to install package ‘YOB.1.0.1’

multiple user sign-in on windows 10, with more than one user using UiPath robot creates that issue.

Means just check if any other login un your system is there and whether that login user is also having a robot.

No. If it is so the one of the process must not run. I am able to run the only one specific process

then may be you meet to get the package validated that package might be corrupted, mat be re-upload and check. since it’s happening to only one process.

Dete the .settings and .local folder of the package along with project.json

and then open the project file
publish a new package amd check if the issue still persists

Its not working even for newly published packages. Only one process is running rest not. If package was the issue then it must not run in attended mode also


Can you share the error screenshot?