Unable to run automations after update

Suddenly Unattended robot stopped to run processes. It became unlicensed. After few hours I have managed to create a fresh machine template, logged in to robot users machine with robot user account. Managed to connect robot to orchestrator using machine template. But I have noticed that UiPath Assistant got updated… I have signed out from the account and suddenly robot became unlicensed again, so I just disconnected in order to keep Robot licence alive. I have tried to run usual process but Chrome extension didn’t work, also I am unable to make screenshots (invalid handle error).


Try to upgrade the packages!

Is it still showing Unlicensed ?

Publish it again…

And then check…

Are you getting any error? Like Status is pending or Error code?


Turns out when we installed Edge extension, robot also got reinstalled in user mode. We then reinstalled robot in service mode and now everything works.

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