Unable to run answer workflow of Uipath Academy_Lesson2 practice 3 & 4

Question regarding Uipath Academy_Lesson 2 practice 3 & 4. How can I run the downloaded answer workflow?
When I run the downloaded answer workflow, the Uipath screen disappeared and white “Ui” icon appeared at the windows task bar, but immediately it disappeared and back to Uipath screen. No workflow runs.

I quess below question seems like same problem with me, but not sure.

Thank you for this community’s help in advance.

Did you opened the output tab?


Works for me! Please attach your workflow please!

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Hi, Niket
Thank you for your quick help on this. Now, I understand Output tab has execution records, and this proves workflow correctly runs.
I just expected another action happens, like screen changes, or display messages or something.

Thanks to your respond,now I can keep learning this wonderful tool again.

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You’re welcome mate :smiley:
Also if you could please mark it as solution so if others have the same problem they can directly have the link to the answer!

Thanks to Niket, this problem solved.