Unable to Retrieve the Invoices Number in different different format

I have 5 Different Different PDF and i want to extract the invoice Number from each PDF but i am unable to do can anyone Help me out.


I assume that your format is different but there has to be text prior to the Invoice no like below:
Invoice Number : 123345

If this is the case then you can use
1] Get PDF text into String
2] Split PDF text to extract the specific Invoice Number

Hope it will help you.

Hi @ajay0007

Please find below methods to extract data from PDF.
1) Read PDF text into a string variable by using Read PDF Text activity.
2) Then use string operations with the Standard label to extract invoice number.
3) you can use Regex to identify the specific pattern of the invoice number.

1) Open PDF with open application activity by specifying Exe path and file path.
2) Use Anchor Base activity to with Find Element or Find Image activity and get text activity to extract the exact invoice number.

Note: For Method 2 the pdf file should get opened and value which is trying to extract should be visible on screen. Make sure that the document width is fixed or fit to window.

Hope this will help you.

Vijay Kumar C.

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