Unable to reply to some topics in UiPath Forum


I recently joined the Forum, but I was an active member for about a week. However, I faced this issue only today. I came across some of the topics, and when I try to reply, I noticed that the reply button is not available to reply to the post. Not only one, I came across few of them… Mostly in the RPA Dev Advanced category. I’m not sure why that is happening… For some of them I am able to reply, but for some I cannot since the Reply button is not available.

Have anyone else faced this same issue? Have I missed anything to be blocked out from replying to those posts?

Any idea why?



Can you share a post where you see this?
Let me also have a look.

I dont think you have been blocked out of any category.
I guess if the post has been closed then it does not allow any more replies.

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Hi @nadim.warsi,

Thanks for the reply!!. Link below is the one I was trying to reply with… at the time, there were no replies to the topic. But now I see few replies… But still I don’t see the reply button to reply… Even for the other replies that are there now…

Wonder why it’s not working for me and working for others…

Thanks again!!

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Yea, im able to see the Reply option.
Im not sure if its to do with the short time since you have joined or some other level of access.
@loginerror can you please add here?

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

Are you still unable to post in RPA Dev Advanced? If so, that’s strange.

It is due to permission levels. There are some restrictions per specific categories that depend on your trust level or user group (this can be checked on your profile).

However, it is quite easy to reach trust level 2 required to post in most categories, see here .

You also automatically get trust level 2 (member) for becoming a Robot Junior and Robot Apprentice and level 3 (regular) for reaching Robot Master rank (this is why you should be able to post in the RPA Dev Advanced category already).



Yes… Now I’m able to reply on RPA Dev Advanced!!.. Now I have actually reached trust level 3 (regular). Looks like it’s working for me now!!! I think it’s because of the trust level as you said…

Thanks a lot @loginerror & @nadim.warsi for your time & replying on my post…

Thanks again!! appreciate it alot :slight_smile:


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Please read this link

It might help you to solve your problem. Sorry for late reply.

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Hi @Theepan

Yes… joining the groups solved the issue… Thanks a lot for sharing… :slight_smile:


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