Unable to reply to some topics in the Forum

Hi ,

I am unable to reply to some topics in the forum especially in RPA Dev Advanced , although i can reply to most of the posts , but for some i dont see any reply option. I think its something to do with my trust level , its been stuck as basic level 1 for ages … i am not sure how to get this moving

below is the post for which i don’t see a reply option

this is what i see in my profile for trust level


Can anyone help me with it ?

Hi @sai.kiran

See here:

Getting trust level 2 is not at all difficult :slight_smile:

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If questions has been tagged with few keywords like RPA advance or some few other categories reply options will be depending on what is your trust level in forum.
As mentioned above just get your next trust level:) happy forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I went through the link , from what i see as requirement for Trust level 2 ,

I think i have acheived those , but i still dont see it getting updated on my profile :frowning:

is there something obvious that i missed ?

Hi @sai.kiran

On top of my previous response, I forgot to mention that by joining the Advanced group on the Forum and getting the badge, you automatically become trust level 3. Something must have went wrong with your assignment though. I reset it and you are now trust level 3 :slight_smile:


@loginerror ahh ! Thanks a lot for that !! I see it’s updated now !! :slight_smile:

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