Unable to Repair Dependencies

Hi All,

I have been working on a project wherein i developed a workflow in my local system with community version of UiPath and now i am moving it to one of the company server which has a licensed version, most of my activities are kind of missing i know it is because of the version mismatch.

I tried clicking the Repair Dependencies but it doesn’t work. Is there any workaround this?


Go to manage packages, click sources and check if there is feeds the same as on your previous machine. If not, just add them. If its still no working you can add packages to your orchestrator :wink:

Hi @Yameso

Did you mean going to Manage Packages and then levelling all the project dependencies in both the system?

Not, go to workflow, where dependencies didn’t work. Click manage packages, then click settings. Check if you have the same source (feeds) as on the previous machine/bot. If not - just add them. After that go to project dependencies and try to install missing one. If you don’t know feeds you are missing you can check what’s was used on your community edition.

Problem is that you can be blocked for some feeds by governanance, firewall etc. If this will not work make some screenshots for dependencies you are missing and feeds from settings in manage packages.

Hi @Yameso

I cannot find the same version of some activities in the licensed version as in the community version. Is this normal ?


Hello Arjun,

There are chances that , Community version may have updated packages…
Please reinstall all the packages where problem is there.

Simultaneously download the packages you have used in community version and paste it in any local folder where licensed version is installed.
You can try reinstalling it from there as well…
Hope this helps…


Community Version can get newer beta versions of packages. It’s for testing purposes by community, before publishing stable version :wink:

So not always it is good idea to use all new versions of packages in project built for company usage.