Unable to register DLL due to issues with selectors after a Windows update

I created a batch file that goes into a number of application directories and regs all the dll and ocx files in them. If I open a command line with elevated permissions, go to a specific directory and enter the regsvr command manually, it works fine. The batch file looks like it tries to register each file, but they don’t register, I have to look for windows 10 enterprise product key. I tried right clicking on it and telling it to run as administrator (the command window doesn’t show “Administrator” in the title bar), but it doesn’t register.

How are you trying to get this confirmation? That whether it is in the title bar or not.

Also, if you are using this, then suggested way would be to run that as different user and then enter a credentials that are having elevated rights (admin rights)


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I would like to clarify whether is it impacting your bot in anyway
What changes or error you are facing on running the bot

Cheers @clarcsen